• ADULT SPRING FUTSAL LEAGUE (In Progress)more info


      TEAM SKILLZS ACADEMY.Starting September 6, 2016

  • Basketball AfterSchool program, 3-6pm Transportation available. info: 240-532-2555​

  • YOUTH BASKET BALL LEAGUES & TOURNAMENTS:             to find out more please click here - more info

  • ADULT BASKETBALL MEETUP. Join Meetup Website or just come and meet us on  Monday-Wednesdays -Fridays nights times are variable, please check the calendar -check the calendar ..more info


  • ADULT FUTSAL MEETUP . Join Meetup Website or just come and meet us on Thursdays nights , please check the calendar - more info


  • ADULT VOLLEYBALL MEETUP: Join Meetup Website or just come and meet us onTuesday nights, please check the calendar  - more info



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  Who We Are 


Fields are available for rent with a minimum of 1 hour, and can go up in half an hour steps, all the way to a full day; with rates varing depending on the season. Check for availability here. Call us or email us for more information.

Odenton Sport3s Center is a family oriented business interested in promoting and maintaining sports activities for all family members regardless of their age or abilities. 

 We are focused on the well being & safety of both players and spectators in a fun friendly environment.


Winter Rates (Nov - Mar)


Peak           $115

Off- Peak    $100

Summer Rates (Apr - Oct)


Peak           $95

Off- Peak    $80

Full Facility $180

This are hourly rates, for long term rentals, please give us a call

Peak hours 5PM till 10PM on week days and all day weekends

Full Facility includes both fields and the multipurpose room.


Parties start at $199 for 2 hours party up to 20 kids. Includes 3 chesse Pizzas & 20 waters for the kids, 90 min court to play sports or other activities and 30 min after in the multipurpose room(you will have access to this room during the court time)

. Want more info, click here , call us or email us

Contact Us

(410) 874-7260

(443) 852-3779

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Walk in Hours of Operation

We will open at your convenience if you have a reservation. 

Last minute reservation, call us at least 1Hr ahead of time. 

Check our Calendar

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8266 Lokus Road, Suite 105

Odenton, MD, 21113

Close to Greenway Bowl

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