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OSC Winter Futsal League


SESSION 1:  December 3rd - January 15th

                     8 Games in 7 weeks (one double header)

SESSION 2: January 21st - February 26th)

8 Games in 6 Weeks (2 double headers)

SUMMER SESSION: Dates to be determine

 6 Games in 4 weeks (2 double headers)

Claim 1 hour practice for every team you register (after full payment is received). Register and reserve your practice; hour(s) can be use at any time of the day, based on court availability. Free Hour practice must be used before Oct 2017. If your Practice is before 3PM you can get 2 hours instead of one!!!



Girls/Boys/Coed  (Registration gives coaches the option to allow/deny COED matches or to play up in a higher age group.  OSC reserves the right to accept or deny these requests based upon our fair play initiative)

ELITE or CLASSIC - Your team is ranked by you and us during registration and placed in the appropriate division for fair play.  Division placement is re-evaluated after 2 games and adjusted if necessary and desired by team.

JUNIOR SPECIAL - Want to the start developing your Futsal skills, we have a special league for under 6 years old that is only 5 games that is also very affordable.

Referees:  All referees are USFF certified adhering to US Futsal Rules

Games:  40 mins long w/20 min halves (1min TimeOut each half, 2 min halftime)

Fee(s):  Team (U8 - U18) - Early Bird Discount $695  ($750 after October 31st 2016) - Junior Special (U6 and under $375.  

Individual Registration - $99, Players are placed on a team or refunded if there is unavailability - fee includes a T-Shirt. Summer League $399.


Any questions, please email taylorailshie@yahoo.com

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Flexibility: The league will be Friday, Saturday & Sunday. We will give preference to high school games on Fridays and U8, U9 & U10 on Sundays all other ages on Saturdays. We will try accommodate your requests to meet your schedules (please indicate that on the register form). For example if you indicate that your team is playing the Maryland state Cup on Jan 8th, we will not schedule a game for your team on that day. Our games start after 9am.

Forfeited Games: There is a 5min grace period in which at least 4 players need to be on the field per team. If that is not met, the Referee will declare the game forfeit and the game is a 3-0 loss for the forfeiting team. There will be no refunds for a forfeited game. Forfeit team will have to pay $50 fee for each game.
Games Cancelled By Opponents: If an opponent cancels a game or does not show up for the game, the oposing team may use the court time. No refunds for games cancelled by opponents.  If you wish to re-schedule a game, $100 fee will be charge to the cancelling team. If it is not rescheduled, the game will be forfeited.

Changes in the schedule: If you need to request changes to your schedule, you need to notify 2 weeks in advance, so we have enought time to notify all teams affected by the change.
Games Cancelled By Odenton Sportscenter: We reserve the right to postpone or cancel games at any time, for any reason, such as inclement weather or facility problems. We will make every effort to reschedule games, but there are no guarantees. There are no refunds for games cancelled by Odenton Sports Center.

League Fees: there is a non-refundable fee of $165 if you decide to withdraw your team before Nov 12th. If you decide to withdraw after Nov 12th there will be no refund.

League Prizes: First prize is a "League Champions" T-Shirt.


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