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Basketball Clinics

Kids between 4 - 10 years old

Basketball Clinics

Middle school to High school kids boys and girls are Welcomed!

These are guided classes, focused on kids to developing motor skills and understanding the physics and mechanics of Basketball.

Classes Starts 03/24 -05/12


5:30-6:30 PM  4-6 years Old

6:30-7:30PM    +7 years Old

8 Classes ............................$150


       7+ yrs

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Become your team’s most explosive scorer by mastering your ball-handling and finishing moves following the SmithStrong basketball training program.

We’ll give you a step-by-step training program that focuses on drills that mimic game moves in order for you to get better and see real results faster. You’ll develop:

  • Ball-handling to get you where you need to be on the court (prime scoring position or making the defense collapse on you so that your teammate has an open shot)

  • Scoring moves to make getting buckets easy (1 to 3 dribbles to score points within your team’s offensive plays)

  • Passing to make sure your teammates get the ball in their shot pocket to increase the speed and accuracy of their shots.

  • Learn the basics of pick and roll basketball(when to make the right pass and when to score the basketball)  


6-7 PM

8 Classes .....................................  $150

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