Check the calendar below for availability on each of our courts, Blue & Green then call  or email us  to make reservations.  - How to read our Calendar

How to read our calendar

The table displays the calendar of both fields + the multipurpose room at the same time. The BLUE color is for the AZUL field and the GREEN color is for VERDE field and the ORANGE color is for the Multipurpose room.

You can click on each activity and look at the details for each field. It shoud reflect  your reservation as soon as it's accepted by our system.


If you see white a space in the entire hour, that means both field are available at the same time. For example in the Red Box 1 you are interested on renting time on Wed 2/18 between 3PM & 5:30PM, you can see both fields are available in the window.


If you see only one color taking place of the hour, that means that hour, the other court is available, for example in the Red Box 2, on Fri 2/20 between 4:30PM & 6:30PM you see only Green, that means the Blue court is available at that window of time.


If you still have any question, please don't hesitate to call us or email us.